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1880 Snapshot of Clinton's Lumber Workers

The following is taken from this collection: http://www.usgwarchives.net/ia/clinton/1880abs.html

1880 Snapshot of Sawmill Workers. All work in sawmills unless noted otherwise. Our attempt is to find as much about each person as we move forward. Lots of misspellings and abbreviations, and those will be cleaned up as we continue. The goal is to have a breathing document. 

The general format is Sawmill Worker, often head of house, is listed first. Then wife, children, and boarders. If the boarder is the sawmill worker but the rest of house is not, the boarder is listed first. Related, with children, we try to identify the first American born child and first Iowa born child. 

In Clinton’s 1st District:

  •                 Peter & Sarah Swift: From Ireland, 56 & son James 25. Daughter Katie Alverson lived with her daughter at the house, no mention of father.
  •                 Henry Henson of Schileiwick, 47, worked in mill. Johanna his wife tended saloon. From Schleiswick.
  •                 Jacob Liechty from Switzerland. He was 45, married. He had 4 children.
  •                 Michael Clark, worked in mills. He was 52. His wife was 36. They had three children. Most be new immigrants as son Michael was listed as one years old, and they were all from Ireland.
  •                 William Backus, Filer in Sawmill. 36. Married to Katie. Both from New York as were their five kids.
  •                 George Decker, works in sawmill. 31. He was married and had 4 kids. All from PA so a recent emigrant as well.
  •                 Christian Holst, 36, worked in sawmill. From Denmark married to a 50 year old Marianne from England.
  •                 Frank Ramsey, mill worker.
  • Henry Broderson, 29, from Holstein, married to Helen of Prussia.
  • John Gregerson, of Holstein, married to Anna. Been here at least three years, as place of birth was Iowa.
  • Samuel, William, and Emanuel Frey, all 20, 22, 24, worked in mill. Moved around a bunch.
  • Albert Phillipp, works in Sash Factory. Aged 49, from Prussia. Has 5 kids. Must have been in area for 11 years, as Angus is 15 and born in WI. Ida is 11 and born in Iowa.
  • Rauk Spoorman, works in paper. From Holland. Came to America at least six years prior as daughter was born in Indiana.
  • Charles Probsh, from Pommern, 35. Married and three kids. Been here at least five years as son was born in Iowa.
  • John Johnson, works in paper.38. Married to Hellen, 47. Four Kids, all born in Schleswig. His oldest son John worked in Sash Factory.
  • William Friddie, works in paper. From WV. Father was born in MENGH but mother in VA
  • Christ. Hanson, from Emmelsbell Germany. 26. Married. Been in area at least 4 years as oldest was born in Iowa.
  • Peter Lorenzen, Born in Schleswig. Works in Sash Factory. Been here at least 5 years as Belena was born in Iowa.
  • John Marreus, born in Schleswig, was 18 still living at home. Family came over when he was least nine, as they have a granddaughter born in Iowa.
  • BF Monger, from Canada. Works in Paper.
  • Hans Hansen, from Schleswig. Works in mill. Son, Bundich, still lives at home, works in mill. Whole family must have recently have come over as they have a 3 year old daughter born in Sch.
  • Peter Atcson, works in sash factory. From Schleswig. Came at least 4 years as oldest born in Iowa.
  • Jacob Vaenbravh, born in Schlewsig, came to America. Came very recently as they have a one year old son who was born in Germany.
  • RW Godfrey, 42, born in Canada. Married to a person from Schlewsig.. Most have been in area a hwile, as oldest daughter, Ann, is 13 and born in Iowa.
  • Peter Cunningham, 42, from Irealdn. Been in area awhile, 11 years.
  • Peter Bohnsen, Schleswig. Works at Sash. Recent, as youngest, 3 years old, born in Iowa.
  • Asmus Nessen, Works in Sash, from Schlewsig. Married at 41 to 26 year old from Holstein. Arthur, 8  months, born in Iowa.
  • Hans Jurgensen, 28, works in paper, Schl. Oldest is 5 and born in Iowa.
  • Edward Carstensen, born in Schl. Works in Sash. Oldest is 5 and born in Iowa.
  • Benj. Johnson of Schl. Work in Sawmill. Brother in Law Hans Nelson from Schl lives there and works in mill as well. Annie Johnson, 5, and born in Iowa.
  • Richard Steenford, works in Sawmill. Holtstein, 32. Oldest, 6, is John born in Iowa.
  • Fred Brotherson, works in Sawill. 26. Married to a 16 born in Holts.
  • Paul Lorenzen, 41, Schleswig, Works in Sawmill. Julius, 8, born in Iowa.
  • Peter Evens, 51. From Schl. Oldest, John, born in 10.
  • C.H. Craig, forn in MN, 24. Works in Sash. Married to a Iowa Jennie Craig.
  • George Eley, Saw Filer, from PA, oldest Mary, 17, born in Iowa. William Eley, 11, works in sawmill.
  • William Lynch, 50, born in Ire, works in sawmill. Willie Lynch, aged 16, born in Iowa, works in mill. 
  • Fred Evers, from Holtstine, works in sawmill, married to a Illinois native Matilda. Oldest 11/13 born in Iowa.
  • Richard Mount, saw repairer, born in England. Married to Caroline of PA. Oldest, Daisey born in Iowa.
  • H. Gebhard, A Miller, born in Iowa from Germany immigrants.

  • IN a Boarding house owned by Marcus Johansen, of Schl. 7 sawmill workers lived there. 6 were from Denmark: Chas. Polson, Nels Castesen, Lewis Jurgensen, Christ. Petersen, Chris Nilson, Chris Peterson. Chas Ward was from England. All were in 20’s except Chas who was 35. Also there ws Hans Gotlob of Denmark.

  • J. Scofield, 65, from NY, was listed as retired from Sawmill.
  • Gus Bussing, 23, of Schl. works in Sash. Daughter of no age was born in IA.
  • F.W. Zille, born of Schle. been in America at least 10 years, as William was 10. Louisa was 12 but born in Schl. He worked in mill.
  • Mary Donley, born in Ireland. Had no husband. John, 23 year old son born in DE, worked in mills.
  • Peter Mont, from Schl. worked in mill. Oldest Peter, 9, born in Iowa.
  • James Williams, sawyer in Sawmill. 30 born in Iowa. In his home, he has wife and three kids. He also housed a servant, Eva Conway. He housed four sawyers: Sedney Brown and Eugene Brown (35 & 26), both from NY; WM Tuckeer of Iowa. Arthus Jones, 15 from England.
  • GH Barter, works in Sawmill. Born in VT;
  • Other notes:
  • Chester Taylor, Black, from MS, 40, a farmer. James Wayne, 49, black, a gardener,
  • Pinckney & Mary Taylor, both of MO, Mulatto, a Coachman,

  • Clinton Pt 2
  • Cornelius Clark, 37, of New York, works in sawmill. Willie, 1, born in Iowa. Living with him was Jno Noffsinger, Brother in Law, works in mill. He was 23. Corn’s wife was 23
  • Adam Buckner, 49, Hessen Darmstadt, Carpenter. He had large family. His oldest Alonzo, 21, born in MO, worked in Sawmill. virgil, 20, worked in Sash. Adelia was born in Iowa and 7. Frank Arnold, listed as Other, was 20 and worked in Sawmill.
  • Joseph Morse, 43, of NJ, works in sawmill. Son, 20, of NJ, works in mill. Youngest was 5 and still born in NJ.
  • August Kademann, 25, born in WI, works in sawmill. Both him and wife were first generation.
  • Fred Struve, Holstein, 53, cabinet maker, no wife. Emely, 12, lived at home.
  • Charles Brooks, 26, a brother of Sarah Grant, worked in sawmill. He was born in MO, but Sarah was a widow? and born in KY
  • John Wilson, 52, worked in sawmill. His 15 year old son worked in marble. John was Canadian. Walter was born in KY
  • C.H. Parker, a night watchman at mill, 35, born in NY
  • In a hotel owned by Horace Fuller, 52, he had 15 sawmill work34s. CE Brooks, 25, of WI, JA Jones, 20 of Iowa, PF Lockwood, 27, of NY, Pat Judge, 18, of WI, Fred, 24, of Ireland, William, 19, of Ohio, HG Dole, 30, of PA, Robt. Hannah, 24, of NY; CJ Chamberlain, 36, of Canada; Link Billings, 19 of IL; WM Dowling, 26 of Ire; Francis Dannan, 28, of IRE; WM Campbell, 23, of MI; Douglass Odell, 20 of Il; Alonzo, 21, IL .
  • Ellen Murphy, of IRE, ran a boarding house. Had three sawmill workers: Morris Connell; of IL, parents from Ireland (of note, William O Connell was listed as Ellen’s brother but both would be 32). John Hogan, 35, of IRE; George Aikin, 50, of PA.

  • Antone Wade, 44, of Slasien, kept board house. 28 yr old wife. 4 sawmill workers: Barney Michael of IRE; Henry Kruse, of Holstein, John Katerer of Bavaria; LH Hansen, 38 of Schll.

  • JW Cornell boarding house: one sawmill worker: Cyrus Chamberlain, 37, of NY
  • Owen McDonold, of IRE, listed as Laborer, had a 15 year old son John, works in sawmill. John born in Iowa.
  • John Petersen, of Denmark, worked in mill. Anna, oldest at 4, born in CT, Sophia, 1, born in Iowa.
  • AL Baysen, Laborer, 35, of Denmark, 16 son, CW Baysen, works in mill. CM born in IL
  • Patk Cunningham, works in sawmill, born in Ire, 45. Mary, 21, born in Iowa
  • Jos Frankie, 33, of Prussia, works in mill. oldest Emma, 5, born in IL; Louisa, 2, born in IA
  • Jens Jensen, from Schl, 18, lived with Andrus Anderson, of Den. Jens, 18, also had Hellena benson, 18.
  • Christian Dakeman, 50, of Denmark, works in sawmill. Crazily, youngest son, 2, born in Denmark.
  • Nels Olesen, of Denmark, works in paper, oldest, Ole, 4, born in Iowa
  • Nels Mattieson, works in paper; 30, oldest Mary, 4, born in Iowa
  • Seymour Long, 19, of Germ, Joseph Long, 26, of Germ, Rudolph Smith, 23, of Germ, works in mill; live with Chas Kohler, 31, of Byrem. Chas stone mason
  • Charlest Fester, of Prussia, work in sawmill, Willie 2.
  • August Kohlmyer, of Prussia, works in sawmill, age 43. Oldest 12 and then 10 then 8, born in Prussia. Hellena, 4, born in Iowa.
  • Wilhelm Kaeiber, 39, of Prussia, works in sash factory. Oldest 15, Louis, works in sash factory. Earnest, 13 born in Prus as well. Amanda, 8, born in IL. Lena, 4, born in Iowa.
  • Rasmus Rasmison, 36 of Denmark, and Jens Jensen, 24, of Denmark, live with Knud Petersen, 45, of Denmark. Seems oldest James, 8, born in Il.
  • S. Sorenzen, 40, of Denmark, works in sawmill. Oldest, Catherine, born in Iowa.
  • James Kennedy, of Ireland, 52, works in sawmill. John Kennedy, 24, of Ire, son, does as well.Youngest ellen 8, still of Ireland.
  • Ellen Bradley, 39, a widow, from Canada. Son Edward, 19, works in Sawmill. Kate Bradley, 16, a seamstress. Douglass, 13, works in sash factory.
  • John Tos. Brown, 26, from MN, setts saws in Mills. Newish to Iowa as youngest, Bertie, 1, born in MN
  • Peter C. Peters, 14 lives with family. Works in Sash. Christian, male, 10, born in Iowa
  • Fred Witemyer, 63, from Hanover, works in sawmill. Seemingly moved to Canada. 19 year old son born in Canada
  • Thomas Clark, 28, born in NY, works in sawmill
  • Borg Christianson, works in sawmill. from Schl. Daughter, 23, born in Ohio. Barney, 15, born in WI.
  • Peter Allisse, Denmark, 25, works in sawmill. Son, Antone, 1, born in IA
  • JW Potter, Born in ME, saw filer, Son, Arthur, 6, born in IA
  • Gus Seiburg, Fireman at Sawmill, 45, born in Sweden
  • Hans Targesen, works in mill. Born in Norway. Charles, son, 21, born in Nor works at sawmill. Mary, 14, born in Norway, Herman, 10, born in WI. Lettie, 7, born in Iowa
  • NP Munson, 31, born in Sweden, works in sawmill. Clarra, 2, born in IA. John Nelson, brother in law, 26, works in mills
  • Olof Anderson, 35, Sweden, Fireman in Sawmill. Anna, 3, born in Iowa
  • John Davison, 32, born in Denmark, works in sawmill
  • Richard Maples, 17, born in Iowa, works in sawmill lives with TI Maples, 49, from TN
  • August Usse, works in sawmill, 49, born in Cuslen, Charles, 6 born in Iowa.
  • Fred Kukow, listed as Uncle to August, so live sin house, from Cuslen, works in sawmill. He is 48. Charles Kukow, 9, from Cuslen. Assuming then just moved
  • Jens Petersen, 36, Schle, Works in Sawmill. Alma, 3, oldest, born in Iowa. They have a 13 year old servant, Anna Petersen, from Denmark
  • N. John Olesen, 58, from Sche. Works in Sawmill
  • Ferd D. Grunstrup, 34, from Denmark, works in sawmill. Jennie, 2, born in Iowa.
  • Charles Johnson, 37, from Sweden, works in sawmill, lives with brother August, 48. Charles has a daughter, 8m, born in Iowa.
  • Jacob Mattiesen, 22, from Schl. works om sash factory. Married to 40 year old. Son in law, Peter Neilson, 15 form Denmark, works in sash factory.
  • Martin Petersen, 38, works in sash factory. From Denmark, Robert/Christian (13/11) both from Denmark works in Sash Factory. Willie, 1, born in Iowa.
  • William Nelson, 35, born in Den, works at sawmill. Ambrosene, 7, born in Iowa.
  • William Stucas, 60, works in sawmill, from Prussia. Mary, daughter/20, born in IL. Thomas Beil, 22, son-in-law, works in sash factory.
  • Louis Haffman, 23, from Prussia, works in sawmill.
  • Timothy Cavenaugh, 30, from Ireland, works in sawmill
  • Fred Kuhl, 40, Prussia, works in sawmill, Fred, 8, born in Prussia, Frank, 5, born in Iowa
  • John Gerche, 27, born in Sche. Works in Sash Factory Hulda, 2m, born in Iowa
  • Joseph Adler, 48, from German, works in Sawmill, Maggie, 18, born in PA, John, 14, born in Iowa, works in mills. Joseph, 12, works in sawmill
  • Werner Kill, 18, born in WI, son of Werner Kill, a Carp, worked in mills.
  • Thomas Mellen, 17, born in Eng, to Allice, a Widow, works in mill. James, 14, born in England, works in mills. George, 9, born in PA
  • John Luthard, 57, Switz, works in sawmill. John, born 11, in Iowa
  • John Nero, 42, born in Belgeum, works in sawmill.
  • Of note;: Richard Ieekits and Alexander Ieekits, 16 & 13, worked in brickyard. No African-Americans on sheet 2.

  • Clinton 3rd Sheet
  • Robert Anderson, born in Denmark, works in sawmill. Martin, 2, born in Iowa.
  • Patrick Hollran, 58, born in Ire, works in sawmill. Maggie, 19, born in IL, Frank, 17, born in IA
  • Thomas Williams, 58, born in Iowa. Works in Sawmill. Patrick, oldest, born in Iowa, works in mill. Thomas, 15, born in IA works in sawmill.
  • Jens Bossen, 45, born in Schl, keeps saloon. In saloon: 8 sawmill workers. All foreign.  John Sarensen, 58, Den; George Lowersen, 29, born Den; Han Jensen, 35, born in Den; Julius Fonga, Prussia, 30; Wiliam Becker, Hanover, 28; C. Henry Glohn, Hanover, 34; Herman Raasc, 38, Prussia; Chas. Neilsen, 40, Sweden.
  • WE Smith, Saw Filer, 49, born in PA, oldest, William, 20, born in Iowa, works in mill. Edward, 17, works in mill, Robert, 12, works in mill.
  • M. Billow, 36, born in Prussia, works in sawmill. Widow. Fred, 12, born in Iowa; but Carrie Race, 15, born in Prussia is listed as Step Daughter
  • Patrick Ford, 54, born in Ireland, works in sawmill
  • Calvin Aldrich, 34, born in VT, works in sawmill. Flora, 9, born in Iowa
  • William Dunmore, 28, works in sash factory. 28 born in NY. Oddly 58 father lives with him and father works on farm
  • Piece Crugh, Ireland, 50, Works in sawmill
  • Anthony Roan, born in Ireland, works in sawmill. Michael, 16 born in Iowa, John, 14, both work in mills James, 13, brickyard
  • Mike Noonan, 24 born in Iowa, lives at home with Irish born family. Works in mills.
  • John Kennedy, 14, born in Iowa, works in mills. Lives with James, 56, who is drayman. William, oldest, 20 born in Iowa
  • Marcus Jacobson, 54, born in Denmark, works in sawmill. Youngest, 16, born in Denmark. Edward, 18, born in Den works at mills
  • Jerry Tayler, 54, born in VA, works in sawmill. Grant, 8 born in Iowa. He was black.
  • Hugh mccauley, 40, born in Ireland, works in mills. Patrick, oldest, 17, born in PA, works in mills. James, 15, works in mill. Kate, 11, born in iowa
  • James Kelly, 50, born in Ireland, works in sawmill
  • William Thompson, 11, born in Iowa, works in sawmill. His mother was 14 when she had oldest, lived in Iowa.
  • Rathborn Brazell, 22, born in Iowa, works in sawmill.
  • Henry Stager, 43, born in Germany, Works in Sawmill.
  • Nicholas Mattison, 27, born in Den, works in sash.
  • Peter Stotenburg, 33, born in Holstein, works in sash. Oldest, 11, born in iowa
  • Richard Price, 55, manuf of brick, born in Eng, henry, 24, born in Iowa, works at sawmill
  • Charles Gesland, 19, born in Wi, stepson, works in sawmill
  • John Farrell, 15, born in Iowa, James Farrell, 13 born in Iowa, both work in mill Live with dad, John, 53, born in Ireland
  • Wm S Wilson, 52, New York, works in sawmill. ella, mid child, 13, born in Iowa
  • Mary Maloney, a widow, born in Irea. Oldest born in NY. Winnefred, 21, born in Iowa. Thomas, 15, Michael, 13, works in sawmill
  • John Loof, Holste, 41, works in sawmill. Mary, oldest at 8, born in Iowa
  • Cornelius Bonny, 40, NY, works in sawmill. 2nd oldest Viola, 11, born in Iowa
  • DJ Carlton, 52, born in NY, works in sawmill. sarah, wife, 28. Martha 4, lives at home.
  • Eugine Hoxie, son-in-law, 32, lives at home of Lydia, 48, said to be married but no husband listen, he works in mill.
  • R.E. (?) works in sawmill, 28 born in Iowa
  • Fred Land, 12, born in Iowa, to a widowed father John Land, 47 from Schl. Fred, works at Sash
  • John Wallace, 35, born in NY, works in sawmill. Edward, 12, works in sash.
  • Hugh Brawley, 61, born PA, works in sawmill. In house, Henry Walker, works in sawmill, born VA. Henry Wilson, 32, born in Ireland,
  • Michael Hileman, 40, born in PA, saw repairer, Mark Graham, 30 works at sawmill.
  • Charles Mumby, 50, works in sawmill, born in England
  • Michael Fluke, 63, born in PA, works in sawmill. Don Fluke, 16, born in Iowa, works in sawmill
  • Luther Jucket, 26, born in MI, works in sawmill
  • Harry Tate, 18, born in Iowa, works in sawmill. Father is 72, born in PA, mom is 55, born in PA.
  • Levi Lawin, 55, born in MA, works in sawmill.
  • Sherman Hatlaw, stepson to Levi Shadle, 14, works in sawmill
  • Peter Benson, 32, born in DEN, works in sawmill, oldest, 2, born in Iowa
  • Hans Guol, 26, born in Denmark, works in sawmill,
  • Christian Nelson, 33, born in Den, works in sawmill, Christ, 4, born in Iowa
  • Joseph McNeal, 21, born in Iowa, works in sawmill, lives with widow mother
  • Patrick Hallinan, 50, born in Ireland, works in sawmill. James Hallinan, 17, born in Iowa, works in sawmill
  • Andrew Laycox, 20, born in Iowa, works in mill, lives with widowed mom. Grant, 15, works at mill also. Oddly, Retta, 17, was born in CA
  • WJ Brown, 39, born in PA, works in sawmill
  • James Maine, 61, born in Ireland, works in sawmill
  • Thomas and Waldimer (12 and 11), both born in Den, work at sashfactory. Cahtrina, 4, born in Iowa
  • Fred Duhrkopf, 42, born in Pommern, works in sawmill. Son, Earnest, 13, born in Pmm. works in sash.
  • William Teadiman, born in Holst, 30, works in sawmill
  • John Smith, born in Prussia, 38, works in sawmill. Oldest,Louisa, 8, born in Iowa.
  • Seaman Thompson, 32, born in Schle, Works in sawmill. Oldest, 3, born in Iowa. Forval is the oldest. 
  • Peter Yuel, schl, 22, works in sawmill. Mary, 1, born in Iowa
  • Andrew Mattuson, brother in law to Nels, 27, works in sawmill. Oldest of Nels is 1 and born in IA
  • Peter Anderson, 29, born in Denmark, works in sawmill, oldest, 1, born in Iowa
  • Rasmus RASMUSON      Self     M   M  W   36  DEN                   Works In Sash FaDEN            DEN

  • Mattis JOHNSON       Self     M   M  W   35  SCHLESWIG             Works In Saw MilSCHLESWIG      SCHLESWIG
  • Marthalina JOHNSON   Wife     F   M  W   36  SCHLESWIG             Keeping House   SCHLESWIG      SCHLESWIG
  • Christian JOHNSON    Son      M   S  W   5   IA                                    ---            ---
  • H. Peter JOHNSON     Son      M   S  W   3   IA                                    ---            ---
  • Lena JOHNSON         Other    F   S  W   7M  IA                                    ---            ---

  • Aug. HANSON          Self     M   M  W   42  SCHLESWIG             Works In SawmillSCHLESWIG      SCHLESWIG
  • Paulena HANSON       Wife     F   M  W   48  SCHLESWIG             Keeping House   SCHLESWIG      SCHLESWIG
  • Anna HANSON          Dau      F   S  W   11  SCHLESWIG             At School       ---            ---
  • Mary HANSON          Dau      F   S  W   9   IA                    At School       ---            ---

  • Patrick MCNEALEY     Self     M   M  W   50  IRE                   Laborer         IRE            IRE
  • Mary MCNEALEY        Wife     F   M  W   46  IRE                   Keeping House   IRE            IRE
  • Michael MCNEALEY     Son      M      W   20  ENG                   Butcher         IRE            IRE
  • Patrick MCNEALEY     Son      M      W   19  NJ                    Works In Saw MilIRE            IRE
  • Thomas MCNEALEY      Son      M      W   17  NJ                    Works In Saw MilIRE            IRE
  • Mary MCNEALEY        Dau      F      W   15  NY                    At Home         ---            ---
  • Martin MCNEALEY      Son      M   S  W   9   IA                    At School       ---            ---
  • John MCNEALEY        Son      M   S  W   7   IA                    At School       ---            ---

  • Charles OCKRE        BroL     M      W   17  WEDENBURG             Works In Sash FaWEDENBURG      WEDENBURG

  • Duncan SNOXELL       Son      M   S  W   13  ENG                   Works In Sash Fa---            ---
  • C
  • William PARMENTER    Son      M      W   18  MA                    Works In Saw MilMA             ME

  • Notes: Curtis Bush, Mul, 41, born in TN, Barber. Living in Iowa for 2 years, as Carrie, was 2. Aaron Smith, 33, born in NC, Laborer, wife, Mu, born in TN. Louisa Smith, 10, born in IL. Granvill Drisey, 30, born in PA, black, married to Celia, Mu, born in Iowa. Oddly Granvil listed as at home.

  • Clinton Sheet 4
  • Jessie Mitchell, brother in law to Henry Cook, a Mulatto, first black person I found to work in sawmill. Born in Illinois. Henry Cook, laborer, born in MS, 36, household leader. New to Iowa as Olive 1, born in IL.
  • Benjamin Taylor, 34, born in VA, works in sawmill, is black. Monroe Taylor, 15, bornin Iowa.
  • Charles Seifert, 19, born in Iowa, works in sash. Father is Bruns, mother is PA
  • William Brick, 26, born in Ireland, works in sawmill. Married to 18, Lena, born in IL
  • Harvey Edwards, 55, born in NY, Saw Filer,
  • William Dailey, 35, from Canada, lives with 70 year old dad, James, William works in sawmill. Joseph, son of James, 19, works in sawmill.  William is listed as single and brought his kids.
  • George Blanchard, 17, born in Iowa. lives at home of David/Jenette. Works in Sash
  • Hugh Olds, 14, born in NY, works in mills. Lives at home.
  • William Beck, 15, born in IL, works in sash factory. Annie, 11, born in Iowa. dad was born in Werden
  • Wm. Emmerson, 38, born in TN, works in sawmill. William is black. Left TN for WI. Then schellen, 2, born in IA. A boarder Ella, 222, from MO, and then Willie, 5 months, boarded with them.
  • George Washington, 30, born in MO. Works in sawmill. Listed as balck. Eddie, 7 was born in Iowa. They are all listed as MU
  • Charles Dunick, 28, born in Iowa, works in Sawmill
  • James Gallegher, 24, born in VA, works in sawmill
  • James Mayes, 26, born in TN, works in sawmill. Listed as black. married to Anna. Lafayette, 2, born in Iowa. Could be not intentional name is LAf
  • MM Tiffany, 46, born in NY, works in sawmill. Lena, 7, born in Iowa
  • Charles Clinker, 32, born in Iowa, works in sawmill
  • Lambert Seigler, 17, brother in law to Nicholas of Lux, works in sash
  • William Offe, born in Wertenberg, works in sawmill. Farnk, 17, born in IL works in sawmill. Mary, 10, born in Iowa. Offe family had 9 children.
  • Harry Brenizer, son of George, born in PA, works in sawmill.
  • WF Battie, 42, born in VT, clerk in lumber
  • Abram Siddle, 62, born in ENg, Paper Manuf
  • William Wiperson, Germany, works in sash.
  • HP Brown, 38, born in PA, works in sawmill. Edith, 6, born in IA
  • John Trager, 13, born in Iowa, first of the loot, works in sash. One of 10, but son in law lived at home with his and his wife’s two kids.
  • Joseph Mc McCarma, 15, works at sawmill Lives with widowed mother.
  • Edward Golden, works in sawmill, 29. Born in IL
  • William Brown, 38, born in KY, listed as black, works in sawmill. Son, Henry, born in Iowa.
  • John McGinty, born in Ireland, 27, works in sawmill.
  • John Watkins, 18, works at sawmill, lives with widowed mother
  • RG Kirkham, works for lumber? 23 born in Iowa.
  • Fred Oaks, 34 from ME, works in sawmill, lives with widowed mother
  • George Handley, 35, born in PA, works in sawmill
  • Patrick Donlan, 35, born in Ireland, works in sawmill… John Donlan, brother, born in Ireland, works in sawmill as well. Anna Donaln, Patrick's oldest, born n Iowa

  • Andrew Jenkins, other, from Denmark, works in sawmill but lives with CW Meyers, a doctor. Also living with Doctor is his Doctor’s mother, 84 Phebe
  • LB Wadleigh, 47, from NH, listed as Member of the Lef… We know he is a lumber dealer/sawmill owner… At home, W. Maison Wadleigh, 21, Lumberman. Has three servants.

  • Notes:
  • All black: TD Gaines, Laborer, born in KY, is 44, black, Laborer, claims dad is from Africa. Married to America Gaines, 38. Have a 10 year old son listed at mul. Have AG Brown, listed as white, as a keeping house. William Chace, Mu, born in MO, married to Sarah, listed as White, had Nellie, 12 in Iowa and four other children. Frank Craig, 58, born in VA, laborer; listed as black. David Winfeild, 26, born in GA, a White Washer, married to Lizzie, 29. Kirby, 5, born in WI, Maggie, 3M. William Hendersen, 30, born in TN, listed as black, a Laborer. Married to Ida, 19, born in Iowa. Have a 2 and 8M. BF Monroe, Laborer, 27, born in VA, married to Lucy, 21. 3 yr old/6m old, both born in IA. Elizabeth Fairfax, MU, 36, born in TN, Widow. Daughter, 18, born in TN, Son, Abram, born in Iowa, 12. Matthew Smith, 24, born in IL, Alice Smith Wife. Laborer. WM Dodson, 27, married, teamster. Leonard Phillips, 45, born in KY, married, have 8 year old daughter born in WI. Hugh Brown, laborer, 30 born in MS, married to Mary, 20 from KY, Wash Woman.
  • MR Irving, 60, widow mother, SS irving carp 24 lived at home, William, 23, wood carver.

  • Clinton Part 5

  • Notes: TJ Flournoy: Ex-Mayor, original Clinton resident?

  • Clinton Part 7:
  • Edward Jefferson, Works in Sash; 24, from NY. 1 year old child from Iowa.
  • Stephen Robison, 60, from NY, paper maker; William, 3rd child out of 4, from IL. Women must be homely as 3 live at home, 33/26.
  • John B. Young, Foreman in Sawmill; 56, from Scotland; 2 servants
  • James Magee, Saw Filer in Sawmill; from Canada, has 20/18 year old females living at home; from Can.
  • William Moyer, 45, from PA, works in sawmill. widowed, Rosa Bell, 13, form Iowa. Mother in law helps at home
  • John McFadden, 40, from Ireland, watchman in sawmill. Son, James, 13, works in sawmill
  • Robert Leslie; works in sawmill, 14, born in Iowa. Father Hugh printer from Scotland
  • John Fergusson, 63, from NY, works in sawmill. Wife is 38. Douglas, works in sash, 16, from Iowa
  • Arthur Wilbur, 30, Works in Sawmill; from NY. Servant. Jennie, 1, from Iowa
  • Andrew Robinson, paper maker, 30, from NY
  • Byron C. Brown, 40, from NY, Foreman in Sawmill
  • John Foley, hotel keeper, has 2 sawmill workers: William Smith, 23, from IA and Patrick McGilley, 35, from Ireland
  • Robert Truesdall, 34, from NJ, works in sawmill
  • John Purcell, 14/IA, and Charles Purcell, 12/IA; work in sawmills and help widowed mother.
  • Daniel Piper, 18, from NY, lives at home, works at sash factory. George, 13, from Iowa
  • Dollys: Edward, 17, from IA, works in sawmill; William, 14, works in sawmill. Parents Irish immigrants
  • Stimson Gardiner, 60, from NY, Lumberman, Lauren Eastman, Son-in-Law, 35, clerk in sawmill. 2 Swedish servants
  • John Davidson, Saw Filer in Sawmill, 36 from Ohio,
  • Robert Boa, 45, from Can, saw filer,
  • Peter Matzen, Schl. Works in sash. He is 30, wife 31. Amos Matzen, 12, from Schl, works in sash. Peter, 6, from Iowa
  • Andrew Vinter, 27, from Denmark, works in sash factory
  • James Thetga, 23, from IL, works in sawmill. Douglass, 18, works in sawmill. Orson, male, 48, is listed as stay at home.
  • August Hanson, 26, of Norway, lives with Max Schroeder, 31, of Norway, both live in Sawmill
  • John E. Collins, 36, from ME, works in sawmill
  • Christopher Sears, 47, Divorced, from Ohio, works in sawmill
  • John Mounce, 64, works in sawmill, married to 45. John from KY
  • Martin Oesterburg, 34, from Denmark, works in sash. Christian, 9, from Den, Julius, 4, from Iowa
  • George Dixon, 25, from NY, Albert Dixon, 21, from Iowa, work in sawmill. Laura Dixon, F, 19, clerk in milliner. William, 14, works in sash. Dad, from NY, is 60.
  • Howell Gardiner, works in sawmill. from NY. One servant
  • William Huffman, 34, from PA, Engineer in Sawmill; Charles, 10, from IA
  • James Melaney, 41, from NY, a blacksmith. James Melaney, 17, from IL, works in sash. John, 8, from IOWa
  • Frank, Fred, Andrew (24,17,16) live at home all from IA and works in sawmill. Father, William Phillips, from NY
  • John C. Ford, Engineer in Sawmill, 38, from NY. Addie, 14, from PA, One Irish servant.
  • William Sisco, 16, from IA, works in sash.
  • Charles Sernberger, 17, from IL, works in sash. Ruth, 9, from IA
  • Luther Forsyth, 35, from Ohio, works in sawmill. Oddly Jessie, 16, from Iowa. But has niece as well. In house some unique people. Dominick Hill, 23, from Italy, works in sawmill. William O’Brien and Willis O’Brien, both 16 and from IL, work in sash.
  • Fortes Ellinwood, 18, from Can, works in sash, lives at home as does older and younger CAN siblings with widowed mother.
  • Francis Goodwin, 15, from IL, works in sash. Lillian, 10, from Iowa
  • David Sweitzer, Sawmill Engineer, 48, from NY, married to a 28 from MA, oldest, 9, from IA
  • John Taylor, saw mill engineer. 48 from NY, Charles, 6, from IA
  • William Taylor, 45, from NY, sawmill engineer, William, 11, from Ioa
  • Andrew Petersen, 50, from Sweden, works in ash. Huge Household of Swedith immigrants. Perhaps family/same region… John Ogren, 39; John Carlsen, 25; Peter Carlsen, 22; Magnus Smith, 26; Andrew Carlsen (Sash); Charles Anderson, 29; John Danberg, 25 (Sash).
  • Edward Garlock, 44, from NY; George Garlock, 15, from Iowa: Both work in mill
  • Orville Burlingame, 17, and Cassius Burlingame, 15, both of Iowa, work in mill; live with widowed mother. Oddly Elroy, son, 1, is from WI
  • James Hopkins 25, from IL, works in sawmill, daughter, unnamed, is 3M, from IL
  • Soloman Langell, 45, from Nova Scotia, works in mill. Levi, 15, from NS, works in mill
  • John Mongovern, 14, from IA, works in sawmill, Michael, 17, works in Sash; Dad from Irealnd
  • Bradford Chandler, listed as other, from ME, works in sawmill and lives in Comfort Wood’s house,65, from CAN
  • Daniel Wood, next door to Comfort Wood, seems to be child  of Comfort, Sawfiler in Mill. Brother in Law, 21, from ME, Charles Buffum, works in sawmill
  • George Scott, 43, form PA, works in mill
  • Robert Hufman, 57, from PA, foreman at sawmill
  • Charles Burlingame, 43, from NY, works in sawmill; son Reuben Burlingame, 14, from Il, works in mill. Anna, 9, from IA
  • John Struve, from Holland, 38, works in sawmill
  • Richard Robbins, 17, from OH, lives at home, works in sawmill
  • Michael Redden, 52, from Ireland, works in sawmill. Mathew, 13, from Iowa, oldest, works in sawmill
  • Charles Tyler, 17, from Iowa, born to VT widowed mother, keeps house
  • John Wouter, 18, from PA, works sash. Ameilia, 9, from Iowa
  • Robert Hunt, 36, from Ohio, works in sawmill. Mildred, 1, from IA
  • Gayland Billings, 13, from Iowa, works in sash. Father is Edward Billings, 49, from MI, peddler
  • James Riggs, 12, from Iowa, works in sash factory. Some odd notes: Widowed mother. Simeon, 21, from MO. Inez, 20, from IA, Eva, 19, from VA,
  • Patrick Gleason, 36, from CAN, works in sawmill
  • Walter Bower, 14, from Iowa; works in sawmill
  • Dewitt Loucks, 40, from NY, foreman in sawmill: Albert Loucks, 15, from Iowa, first in Iowa, Helena, 16 from IL, Walter, 13, from Iowa, works in sawmill
  • George Greene works in sash factory, 13, from Iowa .
  • Adam Gillmore, 20, from NY, to Irish parents, works in sash.
  • James Flynn, 70, from Ireland, works in sawmill. Martin Flynn, 17, from NY works in mills. Wife, Katherine, 45, from Ireland.

  • Clinton Page 8
  • David E. Smith, 45, from NJ, works in mill.
  • George Chalker, 35, from MI, sawmill engineer. Clark, 7, born in Iowa.
  • Gilbert Cummings, 24, Canada, Watchman in Sawmill
  • Cottle Fry, 25, from IL, works in sawmill

  • William Magden, 14, from Iowa, works in sawmill, lives with Dad from NY, mom from IRE
  • Philemon Pearson, 48, from OH, Works in sawmill. Thomas Costello, 16, from IL, works in sawmill, lives with Pearsons. So do quite a few workers.
  • Patrick Redden, 45, from Ire, works ins sawmill. Oldest, 14, born in Iowa
  • Noah Boon, 45, from NY, Teamster in Sawmill, oldest, 8, born in Iowa
  • Soloman Sisco, 75, from NJ, Mill Wrights,
  • Patrick Lamb, 27, from IRE, works in sawmill. James Wood, 20, from Ire,lives with Lamb and wife. From IRE
  • David Seivers, from Schl-Hols, works in sash. Oldest, 17, from Schl, Anna, 13, from Iowa
  • John Mason, 43, from NY, works in sawmill
  • Andrew Neissly, 12, from Iowa, works in sash, lives at home with Wertemberg born dad and Baden born wife; House had 10 kids. Oldest, George, 21 from PA. Adam, 20, from IA
  • Phillip Coleman, 15, from Iowa, works in sawmill, lives with 41 from Ohio. Ellen, 82, from Ire, grandma to Phil, lives at home.
  • Henry T. Brown, 52, from OH, works in sawmill. Son, 24, from PA, Herman Brown works in sawmill. Joseph, 20 from IA, works in sawmill.
  • Wesley Brown, 27, from PA, works in sawmill
  • James Foley, 18, from WI, works at sash, lives with 52 widowed Irish mother
  • Thomas Lister, 18, from Can, works in sawmill, lives at home with Scot/Canadian parents
  • Michael Gallagher, 68, from Ire, works in sawmill. Dominic, 22, from VA, works in sawmill. Michael, 18, works in sawmill.
  • John Clark, 45, from KY, works in sawmill; son Sandford, 17, from IL works in sawmill. All kids born in IL
  • Michael McEvoy, 22, from IA, and James Murtagh, 23, from KY, both work in sawmills; nephew of Patrick Brennan, who is 70 from Ireland and head of house
  • Thomas Neasey, 24, from Can, works in sawmill. Married Anna, 22, of Iowa, have 10m old Iowan
  • Charles O’Hara and Patrick O’Hara (17/16 both of Iowa) live with widowed Irish mother and work in sawmill
  • John Seifert, 35, from PA, works in sawmill. House Hiram, 26, from IN, listed at other, works in sawmill
  • Michael Collington, 54, from Ireland, works in sawmill. Mary, 19, from Iowa,Patrick, 15, from Iowa, works in sawmill
  • James Killgallon, 63, Irish, works in sawmill. Michael, 19, from Iowa, works in sawmill
  • Patrick Hurley, Irish, 57, works in sawmill. John, Thomas, Martin (19/17/15 all from IL) works in sawmill. Ellen, 5, from Iowa
  • James McCarthy, 35, from Ireland, works in sawmill. Houses 74 year old widowed mother
  • Josiah Wyman, 47, works in sash, from VT
  • Andrew Yule, 37, from Scot, works in sawmill. Daughters 8/4/2 all from England
  • Henry Eckermann, 33, from PA, works in sawmill
  • Albert R. Fetter, 21, from PA, listed as other, works in sawmill, lives at house of Worleys, from IL/IA
  • Albert Johnson, 17, works in sawmill, from Il, and Robert Hanna, 23, from Ireland, works in sawmill. Both live at home of the Smith’s
  • Frank Bronson, 22, from OH, Andrew Prior, 20, IA, Burdet Smith, 23, from NY, all work in sawmills; live in home of the Danforths
  • Henry Drahller, 30, from Schl-Ho, works in sawmill. All kids 8 to 4, from Schl-H
  • Jack Ommenn, 53, from Altenbourg, works in sawmill, Andrew, oldest at 20, works in sawmill, from WI. Daughter, 4, from IA. Interestingly, Theresa (19) and Fredric (4m) both from Iowa, live with them and are niece/nephew. August Ommenn, 55, from Altenbourg, works in sawmill as well. Seems though Theresa/Fred are not August’s kids though, as their father was from NY and oddly Fred’s at 4m, says Iowa for both parents, so most likely Fred is Theresa’s.
  • John O Petersen, Schl, works in sawmill. Cornelius O Petersen, 13, works in sawmill.
  • Petrina Claussen, 46, from Schl, kept house. Had a 8 y old daughter from Iowa. A Widow. She had 11 flat mates, all from outside America, all worked in sawmill except 2 who worked in sash.
  •                 Henry Beck, 47, Schl
  •                 George Kopfferson, 26, from Schl, works in sash
  •                 George Anderson, 24, from Schl
  •                 August Boysen, 20, from Schl, works in sash
  •                 Michael Blessing, 40, from Ire,
  •                 John kane, 50, from Ire
  •                 John Johnson, 27, from Swed
  •                 Charles Baptka, 27, from Pol
  •                 Mike Welsh, 19, from Ire
  •                 Eliza Kueborne, a Female, works in sawmill, from Schl
  • Henry and Hannah Freund, of Schl, both 34, run a boarding house. Son Julius from Iowa. 16 people live there. All foreign. All except a boot maker work in sawmill.
  •                 Henry Powell, 27, from Ireland,
  •                 Walter Burk, 34, from Ire
  •                 Jacob Johnnsen, 41, from Sweden
  •                 Marcu Petersen, Sweden
  •                 Nicholas Bjornsen, 22, from Norway
  •                 Freland Bjornsen, 22 from Norway
  •                 Detlof Nicholsen, 19, from Schl
  •                 Patrick Walsh, 25 from Ireland
  •                 Michael Durfee, 27, from Ireland
  •                 August Feddersen, from Baden, 29,
  •                 James Phillips, 53, from England, Saw Filer
  •                 Alexander Anderson, 51, from Sweden
  •                 Goerge Jorgensen, 47, from Norway
  •                 Felix Christiansen, 43, from Norway
  •                 Alver Alverson, 41, from Sweden
  • Charles Degge, 39, from PA. Foreman in Sawmill. Son, 12, from Iowa. Two Brother in laws from Iowa live at his house and work in sawmill: David Rupert, 19, and Samuel Rupert, 15,
  • James Hammon, 58, from Ireland, keeps house, large household of kids, all mostly old. Phillip, 24, from PA, works in sawmill. John, 21, from PA, works in sawmill. James, 19, from Iowa Hotel Clerk. Mathew, 16, IA works in sawmill. Edwin, 14, works in sash
  • John Seitz, 23, from PA, works in sash  lives at home of parents from Baden/France. Emma, 9, from IA
  • Peter Geib, 29, from WI, works in sawmill
  • John Loaf, 64, from Holland, works in sawmill; John, 17, from Holland
  • William Crimmens, 54, from Ireland, works in sawmill. Anna, 25, from Ia, domestic servant; Martin, 15, works in sawmill
  • James Delaney, 17, from Iowa, works in sawmill. Lives at widowed mother, Sarah, Irish, 52.
  • John Maloney, James Maloney (16/14 from Iowa0 works at sawmills, lives at home of Irish parents
  • John Sullivan, 46, from Ireland, works in sawmill. Must have twins, 21, from Iowa. Margaret/ Servant and William, Sawmill
  • John Keefe, 21, from IA, works in sawmill. Jeremiah, 16, from Iowa, works in sawmill. Lives at Irish parents home.
  • William Kindred, 14, from Iowa, works in sawmill. Lives at Canadian parents home
  • John P. Johnson, from Sweden, 43, works in sawmill. Berthold, 15, from Sweden.
  • William Dorsey, 50, from Ireland. works in sawmill. Kids, 10 and 7, from IL
  • John Ryan, 26, from Ire, works in sawmill. Margaret, 1, from Iowa
  • Thomas Monroe, Works in sawmill, 55 from Ireland. James, 20, from Iowa. Thomas Jr, 14, from IA works in sawmill
  • Joseph Mathews, 50, from Canada, works in sawmill. Grant, 12, from Iowa
  • James Scanellon, 65, from Ireland, works in sawmill. Widowed as well
  • James Scanellon, 23, from Iowa, works in sawmill, livest at widow mother's home.
  • David Barry, 62, from Ireland, works in sawmill. David, 20, from Iowa and John, 17 work in sawmill. Katherine Barry, 19, from Iowa, servant
  • Thomas Minter, 17, from NY, lives at home of English/Irish, works in sawmill
  • Thomas Tulley, 63, from Ireland, works in sawmill. Son, Thomas, 16, from Iowa works in sawmill
  • John Sullivan, 53, widow, Irish, works in sawmill
  • Owen Maha, 50, Irish, works in sawmill. Michael, son, 25, from Ire, sawmill
  • David Kaley, Irish, 27, works in sawmill. 7m old from Iowa
  • Jacob Kneabore, 48, SchlHols, works in sawmill
  • Michael McGrail, 70, from Ireland, works in sawmill Laurence McGrail, 16, from Iowa, works in sawmill
  • Winfield Hoffman, 33, from PA, works in sawmill 3m old from Iowa,
  • Albert Dellett, 26, from Prussia, works in sawmill. Emma is 4 from Iowa
  • William Dellett, 56 from Prussia, works in sawmill, Arthur, grandson,1, from Iowa
  • Thomas Mee, 22, from England, brother of Michael Mee, works in sawmill, lives with Michael. Patrick Farmer, 22, Irish, listed as other, works in sawmill
  • Martin Gallagher, 22, from Canada, works in sawmill. Has family living with him, all sisters and brothers. Hugh, 18, works in sawmill; John, 14, works in sawmill. All Candaian. All of Irish parents
  • Elias Nixon, 28, from Oh, works in sawmill
  • Henry Tusing, 22, from NY, works in sawmill, brother of Conrad, lives with Conrad
  • George Greenhill, 24, from NY, works in sash
  • William Hunting, 35, from Il, works in sawmill. William, son, works in Sash factory, 16
  • John Leaf, 25, from Sweden, works in sash factory, Berta, 1, from Iowa
  • Patrick McCarthy, 27, lives with widowed Irish mother. Patrick from Ny, works in sawmill. John, 20, from Iowa
  • Peter Haley, 54, from Ireland, works in sawmill. Peter, from England, 23, son, Sawmill; Kate, 21, Servant, born in Ny, James Haley, 16, and Charles, 14 from Iowa works in sawmill. John, 18, from Wi
  • John Miller, 25, from Prussia, works in sawmill. Brother in law, Andrew Dobble of Wisconsin, 24, works in sawmill lives there. Frank,1, from Wi, George,3m, from Iowa
  • Donald Meggitch, son, 26 from Scot, lives with widow Scot mother, sawmill
  • William Nixon, 35, from Ohio, Works in sawmill. William 13, from Iowa, works in sawmill
  • Michael Higgins, 79, from Ireland, works in sawmill; all daughters, even a 11 year old, from Ireland
  • John McGraw, 50 from Ireland, works in sawmill. John T, 12 from PA, works in sawmill
  • Thomas Mearn, 60, from Ireland, works in sawmill
  • John Allison, 52, from Norway, works in ash. Bunch of kids from 22 to 12, all Norway.: Edward, 22, sawmill; Ellis, 21; sawmill; Robert, 18; sash; John, 14, sawmill
  • William O’Connor, 17, from Il, works in sawmill lives at widow mothers house, 45 from Ireland
  • William Robinson, 15, from NY, works in sawmill. Parents are from NY. Harry, 10, from IL
  • Patrick T. Lamb, Irish, 40, works in sawmill
  • Thomas Kennedy, 36, Ireland, works in sawmill. John, 20, from Il, works in mill. James, 15, from Il, works in mill
  • Nicholas Furlong, 14, from Iowa, works in sawmill Lives with Irish parents. Mary, 24, from Il
  • Edward Croak, 72, from Ireland, works in sawmill
  • Patrick Dunn, 18, David Dunn, 16, Thomas Dunn, 14, lives at home, all work in sawmills, parents Irish
  • Martin Delaney, 13, from Il, works in sawmill. Lives with widowed Irish mother. Mary, 8, from IA
  • William Kennedy, 20, from IL works in sawmill; Joseph, 18, from Il, works in sawmill; Daniel, 16, from IL, James, 15, from IA, all work in sawmill. Parents, 40, Irish, dad doesn’t work
  • Patrick Collins, 29, from Ireland, married to WI, works sawmills
  • John McCarthy, 17, from Iowa, works in sawmills. Lives with widowed dad from Ireland
  • Martin White, 56, Irish, works in sawmill. Patrick, 22, from Iowa
  • William Payson, 11, from Iowa, works in sash factory. Detlof, 38, ad, from Prussia
  • David Culmary, 30, from PA, works in sawmill
  • Patrick Dorsey, works in sawmill, 48, Irish. Anna, 16, from Il
  • William Kennedy, 16, from Canada, works in sawmill, Irish parents. Ellen, 11, from IA
  • Dominik Maloney, 53, from Ire, works in sawmill; Patrick 15, from Ireland
  • Effra Johnson, 19, from Sweden, brother of Ingua, a 33 widow from Sweden, works in sawmills. Minnie, 9, from IN, Clara, 5, Iowa
  • Peter Londragon, 32, from Ireland, works in sawmill. Thomas, 5, from Il, John, 3, from Iowa
  • Ole Egland, 26, from Norway, works in sawmill, Ida, 5m, from Iowa
  • Ole Egland, 52, from Norway, works in sawmill
  • Thomas Smith, 56, works in sawmill From Norway, Has 6 daughters. 13 to 20 yr olds are from Norway. All servants. Somehow a 6 year old from Iowa is a servant. Then a 1 year old Alpha, grandson, who has Iowa born father
  • Charles Bennett, 28, from Ny, works in sawmill, Wife Illinois, son,1, from IL
  • Sundra Oleson, 50, from Norway, works in sawmill, Charles, 21, and john, 16, both work in mill
  • William Murphy, 30, from Ireland, works in sawmill
  • Patrick McCormick, 55, from Ireland, works in sawmill. James, 26, from Ny, works in sawmill. Anna, 8, from Iowa. Margaret, 15, from IL, Servant
  • Christian Larson, Works in sawmill; 29, from Den; Nelson, 4 from Iowa
  • Amos Neilson, 40, from Denmark, works in sawmill
  • William Brown, 15, from VA, works in sawmill. lives at home of Richard/Etta from VA. Evelina, 5, from VA. Black family
  • Henry Grimes, works in sawmill, 31, from MO; black; married to Susan from VA
  • Edmund Turner, 81, from VA, works in sawmill; married to Eliza, 68, from VA
  • Albert Dozier, from GA, 58, sawmill; married to Lucy, 37, from VA
  • James Woolheater, 30, from Ny, sawmill
  • Dennis Ryan, 50, from Ireland, widow, sawmill. Laurence, 14, Il, sawmill
  • Levi Santone, 27, Canadian, sawmill
  • Owen Kinsley, 28, from NY, sawmill
  • Lorenzo Mosher, 52, from NY, sawmill
  • Lauren Mosher, 49, from NY, sawmill. Rosetta, 16, from IL

  • Clinton Page 9
  • Thomas Ware, 32, from NJ, works sawmill. James Ware, 12, from IA, works sawmill
  • Eugene Kelley, 29, from NY, works in sawmill. Wife, 22, from PA. Julia, 5, from IA.
  • Joel Fitch, 65, from NY, works in sawmill
  • Patrick Maloney, 27, from Canada, works in sawmill. Wife from IA, 9m old from IA
  • Sylvester W. Bagley, 20, from IA, works in sash. lives at home of NY/IN parents. House Cornelius Williamson, 24, from NY, works in sawmill, listed as others
  • Edward O’Hearn and James O’Hern, work in sawmills, lives with sister Ellen, 24, from IL,
  • Charles Swenson, 28, from Sweden, works in sawmill. Married to Swedish girl. Houses two swedes, John Beason, 31, John Karlsen, 30, both works in sawmill

  • Clinton Page 10
  • Anthony McDermot, Ireland, wife is from Illinois but Irish descent, 3 year old from Iowa
  • Christopher McKenna, 60, Ireland, works in sawmill; Frances and Thomas (28/16) from Canada work in mill
  • John Ryan of VT, 17, and Michael Ryan, 15, of Iowa, both work in sawmill; live at home of 65 dad from Ireland
  • Michael McKenna, 58, from Ireland, works in sawmill
  • Michael Gallagher, 40, from Ireland, works in sawmill
  • Horace King, 37, from NY, foreman in Sawmill
  • Dennis Crowley, 60, from Ireland, works in sawmill. James, 19, from Ire, works in sawmill. Michael, 17, from Ire, works in sawmill. John, 12, works in sawmill, from Ireland. Youngest, 6 from Ireland
  • Thomas Kennedy, 20, works in sawmill; Mathew Kennedy, 15, both of IRE, work in sawmill; live at 65 dad from Ireland
  • Patrick Kennedy, 32, from Ireland, work in sawmill. John, 13, also from Irel
  • John Eagan, 29, from Ire, works in sawmill. Wife, from MN, but of Irish descent, Minnie, 7, of Iowa
  • John Halloran/20/IA and Patrick 18/IA work in sawmill live at widowed mother’s house.
  • George Looke, from Hanover, 33, works in sawmill. Fred, 4, from Iowa
  • Michael Dougherty, 25, John, 21; James 16; all from Canada, works in sawmill, lives at Irish widow moom’s house
  • Denis Maloney, 36, from Ireland, works in sawmill. John, 4, from Iowa
  • John Killduff, 55, from Ireland, works in sawmill. Thomas, 18, from MN, Edward, 17, from MN works in sawmill. Youngest, Anne, 8, from IL
  • Patrick Welsh, works in sawmill, 36 from Ireland. Honora, 13, from Iowa.
  • Jason W. Bailey, 25, from IL, works in sawmill. Floyd, 4, form Iowa as is wife Libbie, 26
  • Mason Johnson, 13, of Iowa, works in sawmill married to 15 Luella Johnson from Iowa
  • Detlof Eiloff, 34, from Holland, work in sawmill, John, 6, from Iowa.
  • Timothy Fitzgerald, 39, from Ire, works in sawmill. Anne, 9, from IA
  • John Stamp, from Prussia, 38, works in sawmill. Herman Sorensen, 29, brother in law works in sawmill as well. Youngest, Henry, 11, from Prussia
  • John Rimers, 38, from Prussia, works in sawmill. Youngest two: 3 and 4M from Iowa; Henry Rays, 40, from Prussia, brother in law, works in sawmill
  • Jacob Hintz, from Prussia, works in sawmill; John 21 and Erima 17 works in sawmill. Mary, 6, from Iowa
  • de Forest Atkinson, 19, from Iowa, works in sawmill
  • George Harris, England, 39, Glazier, Sash
  • Joseph Agin, 39, NY, works in sawmill. Ellen, 9, of Iowa
  • Arch J. Titus, 48, from PA, works in sawmill, oldest Ida, 17, from Iowa
  • James Pearce, 26, from Iowa, works in sawmill, lives with John, 67, of RI
  • George Lee, Clinton Lee (24 of Il and 22 of IA0 work in sawmill. Live with Thomas, 52, of England
  • James Cullen, 37, from Ireland, works in sawmill. Mary Cullen, 8, of Iowa
  • Lyons Page 1:
  • Harmon Feates, 21, from Prussia, works in sawmill, lives at home with widowed Mother
  • Charles Brashien, 21, of England, works in mill lives at home of Charles Worker, 48, of England
  • Anstanel Frederick, 24, from Iowa, son of widowed German mother, works in sawmill
  • Henry Hansen, 24, of Germany, works in sawmill. Married to 20. 8m old from Iowa
  • George M. Davis, 60, from Ohio, Lumber & Farmer; Eugene Davis, 23, of Iowa.
  • Sullivans: 61, John, works in roundhouse. Oldest Daniel, 17, from Iowa 9as is all) Sash Maker as is John and William. Kate Sullivan, listed as daughter, is either counted twice or servant in another household
  • John McCree, 13, of Iowa, works in mill, Pat, dad, Irish, Annie, daughter, 20, servant, from MA
  • James Burk, 21, from MA, son, sash maker as is son Mike Burk, both Mike is from Iowa and 14
  • Harrie Johnston, son, 14, from England, works in mill. Katie is 8 and from Iowa
  • Notes: Mary Gardiner, of RI, 60, Kinder teacher, widowed. Sarah, sister, 43, from MA, widowed. Also list starts with mostly farmers.

  • Lyons Page 2
  • David Smith, 45, from NJ, works in sawmill, youngest, 4, is from IL
  • George Chalker, 35, from MI, sawmill engineer. Clark, 7, from IA

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The Lambs and Their Parties

One of the great parties of all time was held in Clinton (well one of Clinton’s greatest parties) in 1889. The party was well publicized leading up to it. A November 7, 1889 article in Clinton Morning News, announced that the Lambs would be celebrating their golden wedding anniversary on Saturday evening, November 16, at their 7th Avenue home. The family sent out 400 invitations with 175 going out of Clinton.  
The Lambs’ four children were there: Mrs. Captain Wear, Artemus Lamb, Lafayette Lamb, and Mrs. Will E Young and 11 of their 15 grandchildren. The party started at 7pm and last until after 11pm. Entertainment was provided by the Vilitia Mandolin Band of Chicago. The band was in the east parlor, while the couple was in the west parlor.  
Mr. Lamb’s florist and the company, Rumble & Sons, decorated the dining room and house with flowers, vines, evergreens, roses, and more. One article claimed the flowers from the conservatory in the home. Mr. H.M. Kinsley of Chicago “superintended” the food. Kinsley “made” it in Chicago in 1865 when he took over the restaurant at Chicago’s Opera House. By 1884, he became the most famous chef in Chicago, and he was THE caterer of the elite.
The centerpiece of the evening, the main gift, was a floral circular saw. Yellow flowers made the sawblade, in the center were red flowers, and the teeth were white flowers. The whole piece was encircled with evergreen. Apparently on the blade was the figures 1839 and 1889 and there was a banner with kind words from his Old Employees. The banner read Sharpen my teeth and give me speed, I will pay you well If you give me feed. The employees last name: Dege, Zingg, Young, Parsons, Mattison, Davis, Nelson, Peterson, Boone, Young, North, Potter, Jackson, Peterson, and Switzer. They presented the piece, and their foreman, Mattison, gave a speech. Another article said the outer edge was feathery green, then a circle of white with a center of pink. The dates were in dark red.
                Other employees surprised the Lambs as they were part of the Swedish Cornet Band. Much more entertainment was had though. Outside was even more entertainment. A Danish band and a male quartet serenaded guests. While I can’t picture this, there were 100 horsemen who had sleigh bells, trumpets, and cymbals and played.
The out of down guests and their place of residence: Mr. and  Mrs. Weyerhaeuser of Rock Island, Mr. and Mrs. Denkmann of Rock Island, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scott of La Crosse; Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Hooker of Chicago; Mrs. Loring of Chicago; Mrs. J.F. Studebaker of South Bend; Miss Grace Young of Philadelphia; Miss Hays of Oshkosh, Rev. and Mrs. J.G. Coden of Polo; W.R. Bourne of St. Paul; Mrs. W.G. Bevier of Tipton; Mr. and Mrs. Long of Morrison; Mrs. T.J. Reader of Centralia; Mr  and Mrs. Ansel Bailey of Mt. Carroll; Mrs. Rev E.K. Young of Philadelphia; Capt and Mrs J G f Cedar Rapids; Mr. Arthur Clark of St. Louis; Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Akely of Minneapolis; Mrs. Mathers of Brooklyn; and Col. VanDeventer of Knoxville. All ladies received a book of quotations featuring a ribbon exhibiting the golden signatures of the hosts, even if the signatures were fake.
A wonderful biography appeared in the paper, and one of the cooler facts was that Mr. S.B. Gardiner who went on to open his own sawmill in Lyons, helped Lamb build a mill in New York. Gardiner came with Lamb to Mt. Carroll in 1847. Why not Iowa? At that time Iowa still only had less than 50,000 people. Lamb went back east in 1849, but in 1856, he came to Fulton. Eventually he moved into Clinton, and well the rest is history. Lamb had an up and down sawmill history due to fire, but all was well. In fact by the mid 1870’s, Lamb had nearly $150,000 invested in boats.
Pleasure and business was never too far apart, as around the same time of the greatest party was another MRLC board meeting, again held at Clinton National Bank.
Pleasure and business was a common feature for the Lamb’s. Artemus loved throwing extravagant parties for his children’s weddings and for himself!
One of the other most famous parties in Clinton’s history was the societal debut of Emma Lamb and the 20th anniversary party of her parents Artemus and Henrietta Sabrina Smith Lamb on October 13, 1885. Invitations went out and announcements made the newspaper. The 1885 party was equally grand. Like his father’s 50th anniversary 4 years later, the most common description was that the whole house was lit. Followed by the use of ornaments and floral arrangements to sparkle in the light and fill the air with wonderful aroma. The house was filled with paintings and pictures. Miss Emma needed the assistant of Miss Mary B. Stewart of Detroit, her friend. The first floor was the reception and social setting. Once the first floor became busting, the entertainment of Flanagan & Greenhill orchestra filled the house. Guess followed the tunes to the third story. Two large rooms were turned into a dancing hall. The younger guests thus engaged “in terpsichorean pleasures.” The older guests stayed on the first floor and would dance in the corridors. The men went to the smoking, card, and billiards room (given the use of rooms and the use of commas I can only assume the Artemus Lamb mansion had all three). The cigars were “from the fine havannas.”  Food began at 8:30 and went to 1am. The Lambs used Kingsley of Chicago, the same caterer used a few years later.
                In 1891, Mr. and Mrs. Artemus Lamb threw a “Fancy Dress Party.” 400 invitations went out, and only 7 sent their regrets by not being able to attend. The party was to apparently usher in the new year. This party was in the Wapsie parlors though, but still, Chicago costumer of the Chicago Costume and Decorating Company, brought costumes and guests came dressed from their own creations/privately funded creations. Like a great marketer, Mr. Kennedy, the costumer, was quoted as saying this was the finest costume party he was ever a part of. There were twenty dances. The memoire cards were quite the hit. I will admit that I have no idea where the Wapsie parlor was, even though there was a Wapsipinicon Club. It is most likely the Club, but regardless, the Lambs loved their parties. Wherever they might host them.  
Artemus Lamb probably out did himself for the wedding reception for Miss Emma Lamb and Mr. Marvin John Gates of Cedar Rapids. 1600 invitations were sent out for the wedding. They were married at the Presbyterian Church. The church was decorated in white and greens. The arches were “twined with asparagus ferns and white carnations” and hanging from the apex was a wreath. The doors were covered in wild smilax and hundreds of roses. The organ was weighed down by the same arrangement as the doors. The family removed the front pews for an arch that suspended a basket of bride’s roses. The organ could feel the weight as Tomaso’s Orchestra from Chicago played Lohengrin’s wedding march. The bride’s dress was a white , stain, duchesse dress modeled off a Worth model. The dress had an en train, high neck, and long sleeves. The skirt had orange blossoms. Her veil was attached to a wreath of orange blossoms.
To top the wedding, Artemus had arranged for carriages to take the guests back to his house for the reception. Once again, light was a key feature, but this time it was “a double row of incandescent electric lights” strung along the trunks of the trees that lined Fifth Avenue and on the trees on Fourth Street so the front and the sides were all alight. The Fifth Avenue trees were all elm.
The house was decorated much like the church. The two dining rooms were contrasted with one being accented by white roses and then carnations and ferns while the other had pink roses. The table arrangements were inspired by the Louis XVI style. The candelabrums provided an artistic illumination. The Tomaso mandolin orchestra followed the carriages to the home and provided the music.
Artemus’s wife stole the show with her yellow and lavender, brocaded satin dress. The second floor housed all the extravagant wedding presents, a contrast to the no present policy of her societal debut.
It should be noted that a similar description was present for the 1892 wedding of James Dwight Lamb. Except the James Dwight Lamb wedding’s reception was at the bride’s parents’ house. The same for another of Artemus’s children. The children really liked the Tomaso mandolin orchestra. The orchestra was headed by Salvatore Tomaso. Tomaso was considered a great mandolin soloist.

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Where Did Clinton's Sawmill Workers Hail? Immigrants and Lumber

In the continuing resource guide, below is a collection of data and anecdotes on Clinton's immigrant workforce. 

Immigrant Profiles:
Where Did the Mill Workers Come From:
In the early years (1840s-1869), many of the lumber workers were German, Irish, and Scandinavian immigrants. By 1870 and 1880 census, in Iowa at least, most of the sawmill workers were born in the United States. For example in 1880, the US census defined that 2,481 Iowa residents were employed in the sawmill industry. 1,581 were from America and in order: Germany, Ireland, Norway/Sweden, British America, and Great Britain, were the others.
Not a surprise, many of the names in the biographies of  19th century Clinton had immigrant parents, but they themselves were American born.

Profiles of Immigrants:

Struve Family (German):
            The museum has a wonderful treasure trove of letters written between the first Struve to come to America and his family back in Germany. In 1848, many Germans fled the European unrest, an unrest that pitted many classes against each other. The letters will be expanded on in a future resource guide. 

William J Young (Irish): 
    Young's story is the classic Ragged Dick immigrant story of the supposed pull yourself up by the bootstraps from a poor immigrant to being one of the richest men in the Midwest. Young was born in Belfast, Ireland, and he came to America at the age of 19 in 1846. In reality, Young had financial support from Cincinnati, seemingly some education, and the amazing ability to convince his financial supporters to move a mill from La Crosse, Wisconsin to Clinton, Iowa. A favorite line of Young's was that "(I) began life with all the capital I required, which was good health." Like many of these stories, he combined hard work with outside financial support. With some major risk in the early years, he took complete control of the company and relied on his own capital and the shared capital of the Mississippi River Logging Company. 

Joseph Borbeck: Born in Suedlohn, Westphalia, Germany in 1859, Joseph came to America in 1884. He settled in Lyons, and he worked with his uncle and cousin, Frank Lohberg Sr and Jr, selling lumber. His lumber store proved to be quite profitable once the sawmill industry died out. He was a member of the German Catholic church and many of the local German organizations. He was on the board of the following: German Society; German Workingmen’s Association of Lyons, and Woodmen of the World. He passed in 1929. 
            Ones of interest of Joseph is that Joseph’s parents stayed in Germany…. But in reality: His grandfather and his father were hoteliers and brewers. His mother most likely died shortly after giving birth (can’t tell), and his father died in 1873, when Joseph was an early teen. Once Joseph reached adulthood,  he sold his shares and became a baker. Joseph married Johanna Temming in Germany. Johanna’s father, G.A. Temming, came to Lyons Iowa at some point. It’s apparent Joseph’s uncle also was living in Lyons and had his own lumber store. Knowing how arranged marriages happened in relation to immigration, it is quite possible that Joseph’s uncle knew Mr. Temming, and they arranged the marriage. Or, often times, you could think of immigration like a modern Sister City, an American settlement would attract immigrants from the same region.
            Interesting note, given the death of the sawmill industry in Clinton, the firm rafted lumber down from Stillwater, Minnesota. The “mill” was a finishing mill. The mill was located one half mile north of the bridge at Lyons, or roughly just down the street from the museum. The office was Main & Eighth street.
J.F.T. Stamm: He was a junior owner of Ingwersen & Borbeck, a finishing mill and lumber retailer. He was the son of German immigrants, but yet born in London, England in 1872. Raised in England until 1887, his family moved back to Eiderstedt, Germany. In 1893, J.F.T. visited America for one reason. He attended the World’s Fair in Chicago. He tramped around America and never left. He came to Clinton in 1897. Notice his company was located in Lyons, but by 1897, Lyons had been annexed. He also married the daughter of N.E. Ingwersen.

H. William Meggers:
            Meggers was born in Holstein, Germany in 1841. In 1868, he entered America through New York. He came directly to Clinton, where he worked sorting lumber for Ira Stockwell. In 1874, he became the foreman of Gardner, Batchelder, & Wells. He stayed there for the next 20 years. In his retirement years, he was a real estate man and home builder. While in Germany, he married his wife. It seems, two of his sons must have been born in Germany, prior to leaving. His son, Frederick, worked by G,B, & W, until becoming the manager of W.T. Joyce lumber yards in Galva, Iowa. Touchingly, in 1894, he went back home and visited his father, who was near 80.

George C. Smith:
            Born in Lincolnshire, England in 1831, he came to America in 1851. George first worked in Chicago, but in 1857, he came to Fulton. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Lyons to work at a gristmill. When the Clinton Lumber Company opened, he began work there as an engineer. He actually engineered the construction of the mills. In 1868 and into the 1870’s, he devoted his full attention to the Clinton Paper Company (currently the office building is Lonergan’s offices in downtown Clinton). He constructed  the pulp mills for paper, and sold his first piece of paper in 1869. The mills themselves were between 18th and 19th avenue and Fourth and 5th street.

Charles W. Dege:
            Born in Prussia, Germany in 1841, he came to America in 1860. He came to Clinton in 1865, and worked as common laborer in Lamb’s lumber yard. By  1872, he was assistant foreman. A common theme in Clinton’s lumber force was high turnover, but for those who lasted, they had long careers. Interestingly, Charles would have been part of the high turnover statistic, as he moved to Lisbon, Iowa and tried his hand at operating a butcher’s shop. He came back to Lamb, and went on to manage 175 men.  Charles also didn’t know English when he came to America. He learned through observation, and went on to be on the board of the German Evangelical Society.

Joseph Neisslie
            Born in Wurtemburg, Germany in 1836, Joseph came to American in 1847 with his father. in 1863, he came to Clinton working on the Chicago, Iowa, and Nebraska Railway bridge. He started working at Clinton based sawmills in 1872. He worked for W.J. Young’s mills for 17 years.

Arthur Potter
  Potter, a Canadian, came to Clinton in 1876, at the age of 24. His job was a unique one in the lumber industry, he was a teamster and reseller of slab wood. He would buy refuse wood for $1.35 and resell it for $2.25 per load. 

Abraham Siddle
   Became secretary and treasurer of Clinton Paper Company, as along with Hosford, Siddle was a principal owner. Born in Yorkshire England, he came to America at the age of 9. 

In comparison, a quick rundown of other lumber workers and their place of origin: 

A unique one was Captain William Nickel, born in New York in 1836, he was the son of Irish immigrants. His father, Samuel, was  whip sawyer, a very intense job. William became a steamboat captain on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. A Civil War veteran, he earned a bullet in a shoulder at Vicksburg, and kept the bullet in his shoulder forever. After the war, he dabbled in lumber yards and farming, until the 1880's, when he became an assistant foreman in Lamb Lumber Yards.